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P. Tucker Withington



Dylan Programming
(can be purchased at Functional Objects)

A Monotonic Superclass Linearization for Dylan
(Published in OOPSLA '96 )

Lisp Machine Anecdotes

The Lisp Machine: Noble Experiment or Fabulous Failure?
(also available as a PDF file )

The Symbolics Virtual Lisp Machine (Extended Abstract)
(also available as a PDF file )

Garbage Collection

How Real is ‘Real-Time’ GC?
(available as a PDF file)

Automatic Memory Management
(lecture given to MIT 6.894 Object-Oriented Dynamic Languages,
available as a PDF file)


A software journeyman on a panel of wizards
(Notes from Dynamic Lanaugages Wizards Panel 20 March 2001,
available as a PDF File)

Computer Security

The Trusted Function in Secure Decentralized Processing
(Presented at 1980 IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy,
available as a PDF File)




Public Key